Telling time in the dark

Dark w/ light on

Dark w/ light off

Off w/ natural light

and it glows in the dark at ten15am

Ever since reading about the Nooka Zub Glow on sites like Core77 I knew I had to buy one. There’s something kind of fun w/ a glow in the dark watch. Last Monday I noticed on Nooka’s blog that they were starting to sell them so I put in my order right away and by Friday night there was a Nooka ZUB ZENH GL 20 on my wrist. Of all the different watch faces the Zen H is my personal fav. As I’ve mentioned before on my blog what I like about the it is the fact that there’s no numbers – just units that represent time. The top two bars are hours, the third line is minutes and the fourth is seconds. As the time goes bar the bars fill.

I thought it would be interesting to take a couple photos showing the difference between the glow in the dark states and what it looks like in normal light. The only thing I would change about the watch is to give this special edition a longer time limit for the light – possibly doubling it, maybe make it an on off state. Of course if the watch did have those light features who knows how long the battery would last. In any case, you can get more info on the Zub Glow HERE.

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  • Marcus Batey

    Ah, that is awesome… As if I need ANOTHER gadget to add to my shopping list!