In Bloom


I’m not sure if it’s a sign that I’m getting older or something else, but I’m slowly finding myself gravitating towards ambient music. Perfect timing as Bloom for the iPhone has just come out. As per usual I was catching up on twitter when I saw this post mentioning Bloom. For four dollars I was curious to see (and hear) what this app was all about.

Just as the Wii makes games easy for everyone, I think Bloom does something similar in creating a mood w/ electronic notes. As someone that knows nothing about music, it’s really impossible to make Bloom sound bad. I really like the simple visual nature of seeing my tapping motion as I make sounds. It’s like playing w/ blocks – you can create an infinite number of patterns or not. Just tape every once in a while makes as much sense as tapping every other second. As a version one it does a lot of nice things. However down the road I’d luv to hear sounds made by dragging or pressure placed on the screen.

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  • blinkr

    good discovery,
    you must try the RJDJ,
    a similar approach but with input from the microphone.

  • alon

    Great info.
    Reminds me of an article I ran into that talks about Visualization making its way into Enterprise Software
    Visualization Video