Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 17th (October 2008)

 Portland · And God saw that it was good.

As tradition’s go, on Friday’s I collect some of the more interesting stuff that I found on the web and call it Link Drop™. I only mention this b/c there was 12,000+ new friends that have visited after reading about How I Find Good Stuff On the Web. As for the week itself there weren’t too many patterns that I discovered from what was keeping me interested aside from the usual political stuff. Enough about me, see you in seven if not sooner.

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 Portland · And God saw that it was good.AND GOD SAW THAT IT WAS GOOD.
Wieden+Kennedy wrote “Sporons unite! After a year and a half of hard work and evolution (haha, lol, rofl), EA’s Spore campaign has finally launched. Enjoy.”

 Marc Schiller on Commerce - PAPERMAGFor the Love of Art: Marc Schiller on Commerce
Papermag wrote: “”Soon after we published the blog, “Space Girl and Bird,” a Banksy stencil created for a Blur CD cover sold at Bonhams auction house in London for $575,000 — 20 times the estimate, making it the most expensive BANKSY ever sold at that time. Back then, my thinking was that everyone was benefiting from this “Banksy Effect”…”

Body Navigation by Recoil Performance Group on VimeoBody Navigation by Recoil Performance Group
About: “Excepts from a modern dance performance that was part of the Danish Dance Theatre installation Labyrint by Tim Rushton, in Kaleidoskop K2, Copenhagen 2008.”

Password security questions considered useless [STREAM]Password security questions considered useless
Naveenium wrote “My issue with the security question approach is that it doesn’t completely solve the problem of forgotten passwords. Each drop down prompts you with a choice between five questions.”

aside design studio » Design RockstarDesign Rockstar
Aside Design Studio wrote “A rock star is not someone who takes the temperature, who gauges the marketplace before he creates his “art”. A rock star is someone who needs to create and is willing to tolerate the haters along with the fans. He’s someone who incites controversy just by existing. That’s what we lost in the dash for cash. Unique voices.”

 This debate proudly brought to you by..This debate proudly brought to you by…
Make the logo bigger wrote “This isn’t the first debate Anheuser-Busch has sponsored, nor are the only sponsor. (And you thought elections were supposed to be free from undue influence again… how?) Might as well just throw a few taps on stage and serve the audience between questions.”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » 7-Eleven’s Obama - McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map7-Eleven’s Obama – McCain “Vote with Your Cup” Map
Kelso’s Corner wrote “I pass by a 7-Eleven on my commute and have wondered about the “Every Cup Counts” 7-Election ad for their coffee. Apparently you can choose a blue Obama cup or a red McCain cup to fill your morning Joe (no, not the plumber mentioned 21 times tonight in the last debate…”

 For creative peopleKeith Loutit tilt-shift miniature look
Lost at E Minor wrote “The tilt-shift miniature thing has been pretty hot lately amongst photographers, but until Keith Loutit’s amazing videos, it’s seldom been seen as moving images. Loutit’s films make humans seem insignificant, small, and toy like, much in the ways William Turner and Thomas Cole did in the 19th century.”

Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.Multicolr Search Lab
About: “We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. Also available with Alamy Stock Photography.”

GANT - Scott SchumanTen New Yorkers through the lens of the Sartorialist
About: “The Sartorialist has been appointed by GANT to document how ten different New Yorkers would combine items from Gant with their own wardrobe. Here is the result.”

 The Atlantic | New at Pentagram | PentagramNew Work: The Atlantic
Pentagram wrote “The 151-year old general interest magazine The Atlantic is known for championing the “American idea” in all its diversity and for exhibiting a curiosity for topics ranging from politics to design. The result can range from Andrew Sullivan’s prescient and influential essay “Why Obama Matters” to Corby Kummer’s 2,300-word treatise on apples.”

FutureMe.orgCreate an email to send to the future!
About: “two fellas started this here site so that you could write yourself a letter to be delivered at a later date. we’ve all had to do them in high school and college. it’s sorta cool to receive a letter from yourself about where you thought you’d be a year (two years? more?) later. is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. we strive for accuracy.”

Super Colossal » Sydney Architecture Festival 2008Sydney Architecture Festival 2008
Super Colossal wrote “The Sydney Architecture Festival was held at Customs House on Monday. This is the second year that it has been running and the scope of the event and the visitor turnout was all much improved over last year, so it looks promising that it will grow into a fully rounded festival in the next few years.”

Op-Chart - Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.comBulls, Bears, Donkeys and Elephants
NYT wrote “Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the presidency for nearly 40 years. So which party has been better for American pocketbooks and capitalism as a whole? Well, here’s an experiment: imagine that during these years you had to invest exclusively under either Democratic or Republican administrations. How would you have fared?”

Slow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & InspirationSlow-Moving Magazines No Match for Fast-Moving Blogs
PSFK wrote “The argument against the magazine industry’s sustainability generally goes like this: People now want their information on-demand, in short quantities, and from hundreds rather than dozens of sources. But one very important factor contributing to the industry’s demise is not often recognized. Magazines – lumbering machines that move at a snails pace – are just not equipped to remain relevant in a world that moves at lightning pace.”

The mental_floss College Ain't Cheap Tuition GiveawayThe mental_floss College Ain’t Cheap Tuition Giveaway
Mental_Floss wrote “In 750 words or less, explain why you (as the most deserving person on the planet) should win a $10,000 prize for tuition/books in the fall of 2009. The contest is open to full-time students pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the U.S. or Canada in the fall of 2009.”

Twits on ParadeTwits on Parade
the weekly Standard wrote “Maybe you’ve noticed: These political blogs can be so gabby. Yap yap yap. You go to some website–,, whatever–and there will be a new post for you to read, and the blogger goes on for one, two, sometimes three paragraphs…”

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » The WWGDThe WWGD? world
BuzzMachine wrote “In the financial crash, we are seeing two forces at work: first, a corrupt system of unregulated leverage gone mad — virtual value (which is to say, bullshit) created in derivatives — but second, a world whose fundamental structure is changing in ways we can’t yet fully fathom.”

The DO Lectures | 4th - 8th September 2008Let the Doers of the world inspire the rest of us.
About: “The Do lectures are all about getting a handful of speakers together in one place, in the hope that they may inspire you to go Do something. To give you the tools and the desire to change the things you care about.”

 Notes from The Feast ConferenceNotes from The Feast Conference
Swissmiss wrote “Today’s Feast Conference was truly inspiring and made me think! What impressed me the most were the attendes; every person I spoke to was a “Doer”. Jerri Chou and Michael Karnjanaprakorn of All Day Buffet did a fantastic job in organizing The Feast…”

Following The Election OnlineFollowing The Election Online
Nate Archer wrote “Yesterday was election day here in Canada and while our elections are not as sensational as those south of the border, I nonetheless followed it closely. This year’s election was significant to me not because of the result, but because of the process; I followed the election almost entirely online…”

Barack Obama Tea BlendDrink for Change.
About: “Let me be absolutely clear, this organic African Red Bush Rooibos based tea is a mix of herbs with hints of Hawaiian fruit. It’s smooth, fresh and lacks bitterness. Environmentally friendly, unexpected, and a little left of center. Contributes to your overall well being and Health(care).”

The eyeballing gameThe eyeballing game
About: “Some people are bothered by pictures on the wall hanging slightly crooked. Others may not even be aware that something may be amiss. If you are somebody who is into woodworking or construction, its good to be one of the people who notice when things are crooked. But I suspect the ability to notice that things might be just a little off square, off centre, or not quite straight, varies greatly.”

The Municipal Art Society of New YorkThe Municipal Art Society of New York
About: “MAS fights for intelligent urban planning, design and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy.”

What should I b 4 HalloweenWhat should I b 4 Halloween?
Hipster Runoff wrote “Should I be a pack of teens waiting to be picked up by our parents at the movie theatre?”

 playboy france + nookaplayboy france + nooka
Nooka wrote “playboy france october 2008. c’est tres cool et chic. si vous etes en france achetez une copie toute de suite!”

 the flybrarythe flybrary.
the girl in the green dress wrote “the flybrary by satina turner.”

The Wisdom of ExperienceThe Wisdom of Experience
Alan Cooper wrote “Most of you know me as an interface designer.”

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