A Couple More New York City Colour Study Experiments – the old school animated .gif and weekly view

New York City Colour Study Week By Week Progress

Since the middle of January I’ve been taking two images outside my window every morning. I wanted to be able to compare all the different colours that I saw every morning in New York. The project isn’t finished by any means, but from time to time I’ve taken those collected images and experimented a bit w/ what the data was giving me and posting about it. In the latest version I’ve started to play w/ motion – I’ve stitched all the building images together. Day after day I’m sure some people that follow me on flickr are wondering what the hell I’m doing shooting the same buildings everyday. The animated gif shows just how subtle things that are different can make a compelling view. Plus if you look closely there’s a building rising from the ground. Next time I might stitch the images in flash as the .gif is over 20mb – but for the first one I wanted to do something more old school.

In the second visualization I wanted to compare the abstracted sky images on a weekly basis. At a fairly quick glance I could compare all the Monday skies, scan a week or a month. I’m not sure if it’s just me or not but as I scroll the images start cold and slowly warm up as the months go by. I also wanted to see how things compared w/ the square grids that I’ve been working w/.

If you feel so inclined you can follow the daily sky upload over on flickr: the cropped sky and the full sky. And sorry for the huge image download and scrolling in this post, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want…

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  • http://tumbl.isitbedtime.com Greg

    Love it. The animation is hypnotic, and the week-view as presented would make an awesome poster. For people with high-ceilings, anyway.

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