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Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 24th (October 2008) | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 24th (October 2008)

one strange morning » kevin cyr

Uploaded on September 7, 2008 by 9 0 0 0
The last two weeks over here on the blog have been slightly weird – I’ve always had decent amount of traffic, nothing noteworthy but as long as I had a couple more uniques a month than the last I was happy. It was progress. Then last week happened and it really didn’t slow down this week. I’m slightly exagarating when I say I’m up 5,000% – but not by much. Most of the increase was from other people passing on stuff that I posted here. If you’re one of those people – thanks a ton, I’ve discovered a lot of new blogs so hopefully I can return the favour at some point.

Link Drop™ is something that I like to do to wrap up the end of the week, it allows me to really filter things down to some things that I want to spend some quality reading time w/ and best viewed sans rss feed reader. I also like to see what patterns emerge – this week it was more about food then politics, street art continues strong, tech. stuff. and even a couple sites that just use flash… It’s also fall which means people are looking to change gears in fashion.

Ciao for seven.
– m

one strange morning » kevin cyrkevin cyr
one strange morning wrote “Check out these awesome truck paintings by Kevin Cyr!”

Uploaded on September 7, 2008 by 9 0 0 09 0 0 0’s photostream
Flickr Profile “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison…”

Robert L. Peters » fontpark—by Morisawafontpark—by Morisawa
Robert L Peters wrote “If you like Kanji, typography in general, and/or online opportunities to ideate and compose in real time… fontpark 2.0 by the Japanese type giant Morisawa may be your cup of tea. Check out the gallery first, then “play and create” at will. (thanks for the fun link, Cameron).”

Limits to GrowthLimits to Growth
the teeming void wrote “A new generative work that has just fallen into place; I’ll be showing prints at the upcoming Dorkbot CBR show (CCAS Manuka, in November). Made with Processing. More will accumulate here. Economic growth is a central tenet of contemporary capitalism; but the logic of endless growth…”

5 key design trends - Bulletin - David Report - your pathfinder into the futureIssue 10/2008: 5 key design trends
David Report wrote “The key words to design trend COOLTURAL let’s us understand that we speak of a trend that has a personality and faces away from the anonymous globalisation. We described globalisation like this in the two year old trend rapport “Supreme Regionalism””

The Cooliris Blog » Blog Archive » iPhone, meet Cooliris!iPhone, meet Cooliris!
About: “Now you can experience Cooliris anywhere you go, by navigating the mobile web with our brand new iPhone app! Cooliris for the iPhone is perfect for browsing through media-rich web content on the fly. Searching the web for media with the Cooliris iPhone app displays…”

X-Ray PhotographerNick Veasey: X-Ray Photographer
Cool Hunting wrote “Nick Veasey calls himself the original x-ray nerd. Having spent over a decade obsessively chronicling thousands of objects through x-ray photography, it’s an appropriate label. While our society is taught to concern itself with the alluring surface of things…”

40+ Streetartists You Should Know Besides Banksy40+ Street artists You Should Know Besides Banksy
Streetsy wrote “Everyone knows who Banksy is– but the international streetart community has hundreds of other great artists that deserve your attention. Here’s a selection of the very best. If you think someone important has been left out, please email us!”

 Pics of My Home Office) - The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss_1224809181568Rethinking the Office – Dutch Design (Plus: Pics of My Home Office)
Tim Ferriss wrote “Through simple redesign of workspaces, Interpolis of Holland increased productivity 20%, and sick leave has dropped from 9% to 2.5%. Last but not least, their new design also brings in 90,000 visitors a year. How was it done? How do you create a Results-Only-Work-Environment (ROWE) for yourself or a company…”

Photographers » Blog Archive » McCain momentMcCain moment
Reuters wrote “The third and final debate between the 2008 U.S. presidential nominees had just ended. Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama and Republican nominee Senator John McCain had just shaken hands moments before and turned away from each other, when Senator McCain suddenly lunged forward with his hands out in front of him and stuck out his tongue.”

Container Color Systems « Thinking for a Living™Blog/Container Color Systems
Thinking for a living wrote “Loving these container color systems posters by Antrepo Design Industry. The graphic simplicity and saturated colors hit the sweet spot for me. I’ve got to get my hands on these!”

wk studio wrote “W+K and EA rolled out Will Wright’s much anticipated game launch last month with a multi-city “War of the Worlds” attack pattern. Billboards, subway dominations, walls, bus shelters, phone booths – nothing was safe. Much of the buzz even created some theft in many of the bus shelters.”

murketing » Blog Archive » Plumbing the thinking of ‘Joe The Plumber’Plumbing the thinking of ‘Joe The Plumber’
Murketing wrote “So from everything I have read, Joe The Plumber would not, in fact, be fiscally penalized by an Obama administration. He does not actually, as he has conceded, make $250,000 a year. The plumbing business he supposedly wants to buy almost certainly does not net $250,000 a year…”

Lettercult wrote “HE LEFT JAPAN, LEFT HIS FAMILY, and found himself at a little-known art school in Maine, the coldest place he could ever imagine. Satoru Nihei, aka Mr. Beautifool, has never followed a traditional path. His parents are proud teachers—he’s a high-school dropout. He landed a job with Gento Matsumoto, a legendary designer in Japan…”

street art manifestostreet art manifesto
she sees red wrote “mr gower, my urban-art-lovin’-partner-in-crime, sent me this article by wooster’s marc schiller. i replied to him with a huge rant about it and then realised that i should probably post my rant here, not in his ear. So, go on, read the article, ‘cos i’m going to rant about it and it won’t make sense otherwise. Firstly, this kind of dynamic has happened with art since the renaissance – it’s called a ‘movement’…”

Trends in Japan - CScout Japan Blog » Calamete fork made for spaghetti twirlingCalamete fork made for spaghetti twirling
CScout Japan Blog wrote “Normally we don’t get so excited about cutlery (having long ceded authority to chopsticks), but there’s just something about the Calamete that has grabbed at us since we saw it at the Tokyo Gift Show this year. Sure, we can’t keep a different fork for every type of food…”

how to eat popcorn | Stickers and Donutshow to eat popcorn
stickers and donuts wrote “So, the only real design-related piece to this post is the popcorn fork, but I figured, while I’m at it, I might as well explain the very best way to eat popcorn: 1. Use a popcorn fork (6 pack for $7) so you do not get it all over your hands. Yes, these are like training-wheel-chopsticks, but they make digging-in very easy…”

A.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone ElseA.P.C. Will Take Your Old Jeans and Sell Them To Someone Else
Racked wrote “Back in July, news broke that cult retailer A.P.C., known for their excellent denim, would be releasing a line of jeans called Butler Worn Out. The idea: shoppers who love that worn-in look but hate the lengthy process to achieve it can now buy pre-worn jeans. Well, the pants are now in store…”

I'm Looking For Cool KicksI’m Looking For Cool Kicks
Design O’Blog wrote “If you are a graphic designer and you have cool, colorful sneakers – i’d like to blog about them!
What im looking for is a picture kind of like this:”

Peter NenciniDesign/Illustrator: Peter Nencini
Pica + Pixel wrote “I stumbled across designer/illustrator Peter Nencini and I fell in love with his illustrations for TV show Hell’s Kitchen. Thought all of you would like them too.”

Spiewak Uniform WorkwearSpiewak Uniform Workwear
About: “I. Spiewak & Sons, Inc., commonly known as Spiewak, is a New York-based apparel company founded in 1904. Originally a maker of sheepskin lined work jackets, Spiewak evolved into a major manufacturer of military jackets during WWI and WWII. The company, family owned for five generations, is a leading manufacturer of uniform outerwear..”

Blackbeltjones wrote “Rip it, steal it, web it, mail it, post it. This message wants to MOVE!”

Get Out! Art Book Edition (printfetish)Get Out! Art Book Edition
Printfetish wrote “Thursday October 23: There are two art book fairs this weekend, Printed Matter’s New York Art Book Fair and the Arlis/NY Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference. Today, I’m heading up to MoMA for a talk at the latter. The talk is Multiple Ideas…”

OpenVisualisation - Open Knowledge Foundation WikiThe Open Knowledge Foundation Wiki
About: “Visual representation is a time-tested way of making large, complex bodies of information manageable – whether in the form of maps, timelines, graphs, or charts. Emerging digital technologies have revolutionised what is possible in this domain. These pages are to document open-source software for visualisation and existing (open) knowledge…”

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » Graffiti JapanGraffiti Japan
Ping Mag wrote “A long while ago, we introduced you to (legal) graffiti in Japan (and in Tokyo) and its leading lights. Now, a new book has come out to show us the skills of the Japanese masters: For two years, Australian Remo Camerota…”

About: “Really solid. Made in London of galvanised steel with plastic front. Black wire with switch exits bottom right. Holes in reverse for wall mounting or can rest on any flat surface.”

Historical Bush Approval RatingsHistorical Bush Approval Ratings

Click here to try drugs!Click here to try drugs!

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