Writing from QR Code – this is a test… Part One








I think this post is going to be a bust as the qr code is working sometimes but not always from my iphone qr reader. In a day or two week I’ll decode the message. Got to love technology…

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  • http://www.31v.nl marcel

    All codes work with Nokia N82. No problems.
    yes, It's still fun!
    And a tip:
    Dutch QR code Guru Marc. http://www.qrcodes.nl/

  • http://parismarashi.com paris marashi

    Yes, to learn about all things QR code I recommend http://www.semapedia.org and the blog http://www.semapedia.org/wordpress/

  • Roger

    I think that the problem with the iphone is the camera with its fixed lens, fixed aperture and low sensitivity. When the iphone gets a Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus like the N96 it will be better!

  • http://flowingdata.com Nathan

    They all worked for me. I just recently got a Nokia phone with a barcode reader and was wondering what that was for :).

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    well i'm relieved that nokia people were able to read all of it – it was a real balancing act to get that code to read on my phone. i kept the line length short on all the notes b/c if it was too long it wouldn't read on my iphone – go figure. part of the issue def. has to do w/ what roger mentioned above…

  • http://mostplays.com games

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