In Respect to Snowboarding

magic flashlights

Magic Flashlights from Mike Benson on Vimeo.

I was going to save this for next week’s Link Drop but decided that it was too good to wait till next Friday to post. I’m not sure if it’s b/c it’s fall, but thoughts that snow might be coming soon and what a person could do start visualizing. It might be natural to think since I’m from Canada that I know a thing or two about snowboarding, but nope – nothing. I luv to ski but have never tried it on a board. The above video from Knife Show titled Magic Flashlights is simply amazing. After watching it once I had to put it up on my tv, something I’ve never done before. Usually online vids are fine at just monitor size, not this time. I needed to see it full screen. Simple concept, take some good snowboarders, give’m flashlights and put a bouncy song together. What makes it genius are some of the subtle shifting of lights, timing and picking a great song. I still have not gotten tired of hearing MGMT’s “kids”. The choice of picking a blue flashlight over a red one in the beginning sequence was a nice political statement that fit within the context of the video. The outtake video is worth checking out too And more talk about the video on the JSHAW blog.


The second snowboarding entry comes from the way of TITANIUM’s blog talking about Burton stands by un-pc designs. There’s some great pov’s from both sides of the debate of on how appropriate those designs are. For the record this is Burton’s take on the news controversy “the Burton Coalition line and the Playboy limited edition snowboards were created at the request of two of Burton’s professional snowboarders. Both Burton and Playboy were founded on the principles of individual freedom and the collaboration has resulted in boards that reflect this attitude.”

And if you’re interested in reading more quotes about burton + snowboards + playboy, read them HERE.

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