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I was participating in a focus group brainstorm last week for a credit card company that was re-examining their digital and print strategy for 2009. One of the other participants cited www.shifd.com during the evening. Unfortunately we never got passed the log in screen as a bunch of weird things were going on w/ passwords. So after a couple minutes the site was closed w/ out anyone seeing what it did. Fast forward to this week, I was bouncing around twitter when I came across Shifd. Biting the bullet I spent a couple minutes signing up not really knowing what I was going to get. (For the record I’m a fan of first time log in’s where it’s just an email address and password – other info can come later). Once in I was pretty happy w/ what I saw. It was certainly simple, but smart. I’ve been looking at it for a couple days now and I’m actually surprised that I haven’t used it more for simple note taking tasks.

With all that said, the real reason why I wanted to mention this site/app is that it seamlessly integrates both visually and functionally from a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. While cell connection speeds have a long ways to go in terms of data transfer, it’s a pretty smart idea that when a site is designed w/ expectations that someone might use it on their cell. Shifd does a really good job of keeping things consistent and forming to the screen, and even when the cell connection isn’t great it opens quite quickly. I’ll have to revisit this post in a couple months to see if I’m still using it or not, and how the site has actually evolved too.

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  • http://shifd.com Michael Young

    Hi Michael,

    I just ran across your writeup on shifd. Thanks a lot for mention! Consistent design across the different devices (web site, Air app, 3 mobile web versions) was a big focus of ours. Definitely let us know how your experience goes…what works, what doesn't, etc. We're in the process of adding quite a few features now, and we'll let you know as we push them out.


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