This is not a WGDFC 08 Wrap Up

jennifer, liz and debbie in the back

While I sort through my photos and slightly blurry’d memories that was WGDFC 08, a real post will make it’s way later today. Until then I’ve posted a random pic and some of the more important notes of the night.

· Beer did not run out
· O.O.P.S. won the whole thing at Fat Cat
· DesignNotes blazed to the finals of the regional tournament at Pentagram w/ 3 wins, only to loose very quickly in the winner’s final to O.O.P.S., and then lost in the loser bracket almost as fast to Big Spaceship

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  • debbie millman

    : )

    so great to see you Michael!!!!!! and congrats on making it to Fat Cat; we came in 3rd and 4th at our regional. next year, we are taking the whole thing!

  • michaelsurtees

    yes, it was great running into you again and just like your teams we sadly finished 3rd too. so fat cat was more about the beer and less about the playing. but ya, it will be great playing you in the finals next year : )

  • games

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