Following News Online + Getting Information on the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

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For my own sake I thought it would be interesting to flow how I tend to get my news. Last week w/ the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks that changed slightly after I went to the exact news source on the ground and watched it live online on NDTV. One thing that I wasn’t expecting was by Saturday is that I just had to turn it off. It just became overwhelming.

My News Flow:
1. Twitter: It’s been like this for a while, anytime I find out about something really newsworthy first – it’s from Twitter.

2. Trusted Mainstream News Source: After I read something crazy on Twitter I’ll check to see if any real news sites are mentioning it.

3a. No News: If none of my news sources are mentioning anything I’ll go back to Twitter, do a search on on it and see what people are saying about a particular topic.

3b. Mentions Story: So the original story can be confirmed that I read on Twitter, I’ll take a look at what the trusted news source (and Daylife of course) has to say about the topic.

4a. Follow Links from Twitter: More likely than not, I can get more links via Twitter on subject than following trusted news source, plus they still haven’t mentioned anything yet.

4b. Read Story and from Other Trusted Sources: Try to read a bit about what other news sources are saying about the same topic

5. Watching NDTV Online: This is where things changed in regards to the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks. For the first couple of hours nothing was being mentioned online via the trusted mainstream news sources, there was a decent amount of news chatter, but to get details of what exactly was going on I watched it live online from Mumbai. What I noticed is that the reports that NDTV did would then be relayed to the mainstream sources in just about the same detail afterwards. I figured I might as well get it from the original source as opposed to second hand…

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  • Vineet Gupta

    Plus, Live TV on IBNLive. They did as much non stop coverage of the mumbai attacks as did NDTV.

  • Vineet Gupta

    Also, there were people in and around those areas under attack that were constantly tweeting about the Gun shots and the blasts that they were hearing. There were folks like @vinu, @shahpriya, @gauravonomics who actually went out and took pictures that they shared on Flickr etc.

  • Nina

    I love your visualization of the Mumbai terrorist attacks news flow. I remember first hearing about it from my own Twitter friend, @gsik, as I sat on my bed at home during winter break. It took a good half hour until I could confirm the news via a mainstream/trusted media source (a la NYT, CNN). Same goes for updates on the attacks. I actually wrote about my experience here:

    Anyway, the only thing I would add to your diagram is another arrow from (2) Trusted Mainstream News Source leading back to (1) Twitter. I think a key point can be made that MSM now refers *back* to Twitter as an original source. What does that say about the way Twitter is changing the reporting of breaking news?

    Awesome post 🙂