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From Inertia Creeps - Royal Festival Hall 2008

This post is a combination follow up from a post last week titled Vice Versa Type – screen fonts on paper and non type on screens and my last post about the Blip Festival. I must have been in sync b/c I found had music on my mind b/c I came across some pretty cool digitally inspired typography and music posts. The first image actually comes from the myspace page of SquarePusher at The lights take on a system that you would normally see on a calculator. The second gif comes from a post talking about SquarePusher’s new album Again there’s some grat typographic continuity going on between the two displays.

The third image comes from a Massive Attack concert video, the song being Inertia Creeps at Royal Festival Hall 2008 which was done by UnitedVisualArtists.

And for bonous content, there’s the above video from BBC2 Culture Show ft. Soulwax, which has no typography in it, but makes use of old school digital equipment. That video is via montreal state of mind.

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