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Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 12th (December 2008) | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 12th (December 2008)


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I’m switching things up somewhat and pressing the publish button before I wake up Friday Morning. Everything’s done so why wait till the morning? I’m also curious to see what difference if all it makes with the Link Drop info that might be sent out there via the interwebs. I’ve also made the images clickable to the site I’m mentioning…

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New York City Area -- Social Design Notes_1229044645685New York City Area
Social Design Notes wrote “I’m sure I’ve heard this term in passing, but today in a meeting with a foundation that’s historically focused on grassroots groups in New York City it really hit home how gentrification is pushing people to further strata of the urban donut. In the selection of its cover graphic, the organization chose…”

Blog_1229044285391Book apps for the iPhone keep getting better
Maud Newton wrote “Many people I know have no interest in reading longer-form works on a screen when printed books have always served them well, and that’s completely fair enough. Obviously I’m not hostile to the book as a printed object. There are hundreds (thousands?) of them in my apartment. No doubt there will soon be hundreds more.”

Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web_1229044294039Secret Geek A-Team Hacks Back, Defends Worldwide Web
Wired wrote “In June 2005, a balding, slightly overweight, perpetually T-shirt-clad 26-year-old computer consultant named Dan Kaminsky decided to get in shape. He began by scanning the Internet for workout tips and read that five minutes of sprinting was the equivalent of a half-hour jog. This seemed like a great shortcut—an elegant exercise hack—so he bought some running shoes at the nearest Niketown…”

KinoSport » Question #23_1229044305603Question #23
KinoSport wrote “An interesting practice question from the Law School Admission Test: A well-known philosopher once articulated the method by which an action can be judged to be unethical: Imagine the consequences of everyone in society taking that action; if those consequences would be harmful to society, then the action is unethical. Yet it cannot…”

new_york_city [UXBookClub.org]_1229044331801Welcome to the UXBookClub New York City Page.
Mission: “The UX Book Club New York City seeks to bring together UX professionals of all stripes interested in deepening their knowledge and enhancing their practice through lively, in-depth discussion about books that have made or have promise for making a great impact on the UX community. We’re also a social club, a salon-of-sorts interested in building community among like-minded folks hungry for ideas…”

FAßCINATED_1229044339125FAßCINATED wrote “Music label Asthmatic Kitty Records is experimenting with a new post-In Rainbows method of determining the price of an album. Instead of allowing the consumer to dictate price, Asthmatic Kitty looked to the next obvious choice to determine the value of an album: the music critic.”

The Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2008_1229044267213Foreign Policy: The Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2008
Foreign Policy wrote “The Surge in Afghanistan Starts Early: Along with reducing troop levels in Iraq, President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to dramatically increase the U.S. presence in Afghanistan in a strategy similar to the “surge,” which proved so effective in reducing violence in Iraq. Although the wisdom of such an approach will surely be hotly debated…”

What’s the difference between art, design, and memesWhat’s the difference between art, design, and memes?
Hipster Runoff wrote “Yall. I’m kinda confused. When I went away to design school, I knew that I wanted to express myself. It’s kinda hard 2. It’s like the way that people consume and interpret information has totally changed. It keeps changing. DOES N E 1 KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ART, DESIGN, AND MEMES?”

an expensive way to disappoint_1229044355950an expensive way to disappoint
big secret pizza party wrote “Last week after an arduous and lengthy journey back from Boston after Thanksgiving, I ordered a pizza online from Domino’s. Don’t make fun of me. On the website, they had this awesome interactive ordering mechanism, and also a “real time” tracking mechanism for your pizza’s journey home! I thought it was really cool.”

New New York - The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki_1229044362728The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki
About: “New New York, In the year 3000, the name of the state of New York has been changed to New New York, presumably when it was rebuilt after one of Earth’s periods of alien invasion. The city of New New York is built onto the ruins of Old New York. The city has seen some changes; the subways have been replaced with a tube transport network…”

Here Not There - A Point Of Purchase Literature Sampling At Urban Outfitters_1229044373130Here Not There wrote “A Point Of Purchase Literature Sampling At Urban Outfitters, My Horizontal Life (one night stands), A Year In High Heels (chick-lit encyclopedia), The Wrecking Ball (trust fund Easton Ellis pap), I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (frat douche lit), The Torn Skirt (hot cover, bad first paragraph), Life With My Sister Madonna (errr…)”

OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | The Sole of a New Machine_1229044454948The Sole of a New Machine
Open Forum wrote “Zappos is a machine. Who would have thought that so many people would buy $1 billion worth of shoes from an online retailer? Not me. I would have said that women want to see, touch, and smell the shoes that they are buying. Certainly, they’d want to make sure they fit. This is lesson #1 of Zappos for small business owners: You never know until you try.”

Eye blog » Signs for the digital age – in cardboard Cartlidge Levene show Guardian and Observer staff where to go_1229044471591Signs for the digital age – in cardboard, Cartlidge Levene show Guardian and Observer staff where to go
Eye Magazine wrote “As The Guardian newspaper and websites move into their new offices in London’s Kings Place, Mark Porter, the paper’s creative director, has had the opportunity to commission new signage for the building from Cartlidge Levene, noted for their wayfinding design for the Barbican, Selfridges and the Oval. Not surprisingly, the signs use the Guardian’s typeface…”

Five Tips to Cope -- or Even Thrive -- Through Downturn - Advertising Age - News_1229044481183Five Tips to Cope — or Even Thrive — Through Downturn
Advertising Age wrote “Now some good news: Remarkable innovation occurs in marketing and media — in the worst of times. Ad Age knows something about troubled times: The magazine was founded less than 90 days after the crash of ’29 and has reported on every downturn since the Great Depression. As such, we have dug deep into our archives to analyze…”

Wat je ontwerpt is wie je bent - Multimedia - nrc.next_1229044498795Wat je ontwerpt is wie je bent
nrcnext wrote “Crisis? Bedrijfjes die web-to-print applicaties maken groeien omstuimig. Behang, sportschoenen, plafonds – personificeren is de trend. Verkopen dat ontwerp! Rijswijk. Op de vier plafondtegels boven de balie van de Hema-drukkerij in Rijswijk staat een sterrenhemeltje afgedrukt. Binnenkort is het hele plafond aan de beurt: de manager van de drukkerij, Jeffrey Vermaat, zoekt nog een mooie foto van de…”

Fla La La La La Lawless!_1229044566063Fla La La La La Lawless!
Design Therapy wrote “Tis this season and time to ask ourselves….tree or no tree? We love the smell of fresh pine, the soft glow of tree lights, and the reflections of seasons past in each ornament that’s unwrapped, but let’s face it-clean up can be a b*tch! Well, Australian graphic designers Buro North have come up with a brilliant and environmentally friendly alternative with their reusable plywood Christmas tree…”

Arianna Huffington Vanquishes Blog Weary Jon Stewart_1229044588715Quote of the Day: Arianna Huffington Vanquishes Blog Weary Jon Stewart
Flavorwire wrote “ “You lost your job? You have time to blog!” – Arianna Huffington, telling Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show about one of the silver lining consequences of the recession — more blogging! “I can’t believe that you just put a positive spin on the economic crisis,”…”

Google Zeitgeist 2008_12290445995532008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist
About: “As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look at the big events, memorable moments and emerging trends that captivated us in 2008. As it happens, studying the aggregation of the billions of search queries that people type into the Google search box gives us a glimpse into the zeitgeist — the spirit of the times. We’ve compiled some of the highlights from Google searches around the globe and hope you enjoy…”

Gary Hustwit on interviewing and napping robots_1229044604308Gary Hustwit on interviewing and napping robots
Kottke wrote “Gary Hustwit on interviewing and napping robots. Some advice from Gary Hustwit, director of Helvetica and the upcoming Objectified, on interviewing. “My process of interviewing people is I do not interview people,” said the cheerful Hustwit. “I’m trying to get them to forget that they’re being interviewed.” He accomplishes this by…”

Blokk & Blokke by Daniel Goddemeyer » Yanko Design_1229044611862Not Your Granddad’s Building Blocks
Yanko Design wrote “Block & Blockele is a novel building block system of characters, figures and elements that interlock with each other in an unlimited number of ways. The idea is to construct toys (or anything you can imagine) by combining abstract three-dimensional elements with surface graphics that transform each element…”

More Intelligent Life wrote “We’ve all heard about dumbing down. But there is plenty of evidence that the opposite is also true. Is this, in fact, the age of mass intelligence? John Parker reports… From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, Winter 2008. Russell Southwood is queuing outside his local cinema in south London, listening to his iPod. Hip-hop and jazz, as usual. What is less usual is what he is queuing up for: not a film but a live transmission…”

Radical Cartography wrote “These maps show the distribution of income (per capita) around the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the US (all those with population greater than 2,000,000). The goal was to test the “donut” hypothesis — the idea that a city will create concentric rings of wealth and poverty, with the rich both in the suburbs and in the “revitalized” downtown, and the poor stuck in between.”

The Sweet Allure of Betel Nut Beauties_1229044660191Masato Seto: The Sweet Allure of Betel Nut Beauties
PingMag wrote “A glass kiosk stands at the side of the highway, covered in gaudy neon lights. Inside, a young woman with her body more exposed than covered sits at a glass table, making something. Photographer Masato Seto spotted…”

Picture 7Wear Good Shoes: Advice to young photographers
the photo blog of Magnum Photos wrote “Today I’m in San Francisco giving a lecture to the Society for Photographic Education. After presenting my pictures and the story of how I became a photographer, I’ll likely be asked if I have any advice for young photographers. Instead of giving just my two cents, I thought it would be cool if I could also offer…”

+KN | Kitsune Noir » Too Much Eggnog, My Christmas By Colour_1229044693544Too Much Eggnog, My Christmas By Colour
+KN | Kitsune Noir wrote “Not sure if everyone heard about this project or not but the folks over at Raw Design Studio have come up with a project called Christmas by Colour, which encouraged people to define the Christmas color spectrum by submitting Pantone colors with witty names. Well, they released the list of winning names…”

Yahoo!ブログ - 画像表示_1229044316779Yahoo!ブログ – 画像表示

Natas Kaupas and the history of street skating_1229044582230Design Trends Examiner
About: “Neal Shaffer is a writer, strategist, and design and culture enthusiast from Baltimore, Maryland.”

Nike Sportswear - Make Something_1229044300604Make Something From Nothing

graphic posters_1229044491983typo/graphic posters
About: “a directory of typographic and graphic posters”

_1229044556568::: Sprinkles Cupcakes Flavors :::

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