This post took 12 months to do; looking back at my two-thousand-and-ate Monthly Posters for 2008

Live Jan. Poster


feel the luv at 10:15 am

april at 10:15 am

my wall at ten15am

my area at ten15am

My July Wall at Ten15am

12 days late at ten15am

Setting my Septembre Board Up at ten15am

October at ten15am

my board for november at ten15am

last of the calendar series at ten15am

Many months ago, twelve I think, I received a really interesting package of posters from Jennifer Daniel. The twelve posters each represented a month and were illustrated by a diverse set of people. Before I had even opened the tube I knew I was getting something good when the url for the calendar set was Soon after I took pictures of each poster and blogged about it b/c that’s what I do. But I also wanted to take pictures of them in context – I hate seeing design that’s not in their context when photographed… So each month when I changed one of my pin boards I photographed what was around the monthly poster.

Now that I can look back at the last year in calendar posters I can appreciate the genius in the idea a bit more. The concept of changing a poster space each month is kind of cool. In practical terms I don’t think I ever turned my head to see what the date was on paper, but for adding some great visuals it really made my area a bit more fun to work in. It’s such a good idea I might have to steal it next year…

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    I liked this post so much I linked to it. Nice catch. She is so good. – Mitch Anthony