When waiting in line at the post office, these thoughts came to mind…

waiting in line many months ago

Charles + Ray Eames Stamps Front

Charles + Ray Eames Stamps Back

Many months ago I spent way too much time in the post office behind MSG with Tamara as I helped her send some packages. I thought it was great timing as I would be able to buy some of those Eames stamps. Sad thing after waiting a stupid amount of time was that there were none available. Ironically, months later, after my wife waited in two other lines she was finally able to get stamps, not at an actual post office but online. Completely ridiculous that a person can’t even buy the stamps they want in person and has to order them online. That’s what she did and gave me the best present for xmas possible. Below are my notes from typing on my iphone while waiting in line back in September.

As I took some pics of the actual stamps I took them out of the frame she put them in. Nice detail that she didn’t mention to me. She cut the mat board left the back info to be read. Nice…

1 MIN: what the hell, that’s the line?

1.5 MIN: contemplate the pros and cons of staying in line or not

2.25 MIN: try to think of the positives – that lasts about 90 seconds.

4 MIN: feels like I’ve been standing for 20 minutes

8 MIN: my head starts looking at the ceiling

10 MIN: I notice that the air is stale and there’s no air conditioning

12 MIN: fits start happening

13 MIN: talking out loud about how slow things are

13.5 MIN: there’s two lines – I better be in the right one

15 MIN: I pretend not to hear someone ask what time the post office closes – relieved that it’s open 24 hours

18 MIN: after watching the number of people trying to talk to Tamara I wonder if anyone has actually been married after trying such a bs thing

20 MIN: I’ve decided the breaking point is when you either start grumbling or start laughing hysterically

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  • http://www.logodesignguru.com Nikki – logo design guru

    Quite entertaining. Those lines can be brutal. I try to make use of my time with wireless devices. They do come in handy.

  • http://www.tolle-wohnungen.de Unterkunft Berlin

    Hi. I also experienced this. I've waited in line for 2 hours only to found out that there were no stamps available; and the lady on the counter didn't informed us. She kept us waiting for nothing. That's why I hate waiting in line.

    It's good to hear that we can now get stamps online. This is much better than wasting our time in lines. Anyway, is getting stamps online easy?