Sketching out a blog post loop


Every once in a while I get the chance to take a look back on a how a post was created and the loop it made. One of those times last year was looking at how one sticker on the street started a lengthy bounce around on my different web outlets. This time around its more about visualizing the site posts that were combined to create my original post on Football and Chess (and design) and what that spawned. A couple days after I made the football and chess post I received a comment about another post talking about football (and design) that I should take a look at. From the other side with that football post that Scott Burnham wrote I suspect that he saw some traffic coming from my post. He then in turn posted about my post which I am now posting – quite the loop eh?

There’s nothing that extrodinary about my diagram aside from illustrating all the sites that were in play. What’s interesting to me is that if a intermediary had not made that original comment there would not have been any chance to build on what was started. And to take it one step back, if there had been no outlet for someone to comment on the first post I did I probably wouldn’t have seen Scott’s post. And if I had been completely freaked out by copyright laws I would never had reblogged the content that made up my first post. Hopefully by describing the process of where I got to this moment hasn’t totally confused you. If it has, just follow the above image as it’s showing the exact same thing simplified.

and on a seperate note, you might want to check out as it’s got a lot more posts and info about sportocracy…

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