Update to Coffee as Inspiration and Britain from Above

loquat73: Starbucks Inaugural Sleeve

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A designer that posts images to ten15am emailed me last night mentioning that he’s started seeing a new version of the Starbucks coffee cup, albeit inaugural coffee sleeves with presidential quotes on them. You can read more about it form Paulo A. Pereira’s blog post Starbucks Inaugural Sleeve.

A couple weeks ago I was rejoicing that the BBC made Britain from Above available for viewing. Unfortunately the YouTube video quality sucked and for some reason the taxi clip wasn’t viewable. Digging around I found the BBC has a site dedicated to the videos in high quality, embeddable and the the taxi clip is working. You can see it for yourself at www.bbc.co.uk/britainfromabove/stories/visualisations/taxis.shtml. Actually the whole site is pretty cool to explore but if you’re too lazy this morning to click on that link, I’ve embedded the taxi video in this post…

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  • http://loquat73.blogspot.com/ Paulo

    Michael –
    You could’ve emailed me back I would have emailed you the photo of the Starbucks sleeve. Or even easier you could have clicked on the photo ( i have all photos set so anyone can drag it off and keep it as an inspiration or for ideas) and dragged it to you desktop. Thanks for the link.


  • http://calvin-t.blogspot.com/ calvin

    thats pretty cool.