Slight up-do design to DesignNotes

Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1232738241571Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1232738241571

I got tired of staring at my white blog so I decided to make a slight tweak to it. How it came about is kind of interesting. I’ve always found it hard to read Adam Greenfield’s blog Speedbird. Not b/c of the content, but b/c it’s white type reversed on black. I used to be cool with such things, but now I find it a bit troublesome. Last week I had seen him speak and I was motivated again to see what he was talking about on his blog. I just didn’t have the patience to read the white type so I took a screen shot of it and inverted the colours in photoshop. The black turned to a light gray which I kind of liked. So I took that light gray and made it the background colour for DesignNotes. If you’ve been following DesignNotes for a while, or perhaps if you’re new – do you find the light gray background easier on the eyes, does it help make it more readable? That kind of feedback is valuable. The next thing on the punch list is to make my headlines slightly more distinct. They’re fading into the tag’s and I think there’s a hierarchy issue. The css is a bit of a bitch but I’ll hopefully have that worked out soon enough. OK, title modifications have been made – confusion over what’s the title should be over ( :

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  • youmon

    No complaints on the gray (although I also had no complaints on the white. I do think the silver on the a:hover should be changed (silver on gray is rough).

  • Bradford Pilcher

    I'm a big fan of the light gray. Stark white with black copy can get to be very tiring on the eyes after a while, so kudos to that tweak.

    I really want to speak to your comment about the headlines. They absolutely get lost and it absolutely is a hierarchy issue. The font size on them is too small. As I scroll down, it's virtually impossible for me to quickly and easily see where a post ends and a new one (old one?) begins. If the type was larger, or if there was a simple dividing line, this could be easily corrected.

  • michaelsurtees

    i'll take a look into that, thanks

  • michaelsurtees

    I was going to fix the headlines over the weekend but since I had a css expert beside me, I asked him to help me. Hopefully the confusion is now over…

  • Joe Clark

    Styling an H2 was troublesom, Michael? Now, really.

    I wouldn’t use orange on grey, and the ALL CAPS SIDEBAR LINKS are a bit de trop.

    I trust your print CSS uses only black markings of all kinds, with no background colo(u)r.

  • michaelsurtees

    more like out of practice or something like that Joe…

    the sidebar should be ignored, there's a lot of hurt going on there that needs to be fixed.

  • Erin Sparling

    If you ever come across a page with an offending inverted color scheme again, you can use the OS X universal access key command to invert your entire screen in real-time. Cmd-opt-ctrl-8 will do it.

  • michaelsurtees

    THANK YOU! what a great tip…

  • Greg J. Smith

    Looks sharp!

  • michaelsurtees

    thanks greg, there's still a couple things that i want to overhaul but i feel a lot better now… i've been ignoring the design of designNotes for other projects but it's time to make this site work they way i want it to.

  • Callie

    Well, I'm not crazy about the gray, but I do like those yellow header bars. Those are lovely.

  • Bradford Pilcher

    I think you've made a real improvement here. Simple tweak, but it helps divide the posts much better. Much appreciated.

  • michaelsurtees

    great to hear

  • michaelsurtees

    the gray doesn't remind you of newsprint at all?

  • AG

    I guess that's fair enough. As it happens, I don't read your site because it's far, far too image-heavy and takes an eternity to load. : . )