Quad Animator for the Quad Camera

Madison Ruby strolling


Quad Animator

If you’ve bought and downloaded the Quad Camera for the iPhone, you know how it can pretty much turn any scene into something cool. My last blog post was just about the Quad Camera, however Takayuki Fukatsu who created the app left a comment mentioning that there’s now also a Quad Animator that will turn Quad Camera images into an animated gif as I’ve shown above.

Once you download the free flash app from http://labs.artandmobile.com/quadanimator/ you’ll want to experiment with turning your jpgs into mini movies. The only catch that I could find is that I had to import my images into iPhoto before they would work with the app. Emailing the images to myself and downloading them to my desktop didn’t work. Aside from that minor quip it’s a really fun way to extend what you’re shooting.

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