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I’m happy to mention that the Doves finally have a new track or as I put it out there on twitter, it’s about frig’n time. But that’s not why I wanted to post something here. What I wanted to mention is that on the Doves site they have a google map that I presume is in real time of all the cities around the globe that have downloaded the new track. Once I submitted my email (no big deal is that I had signed up for their newsletter a long time ago) I got the track. Curious about the map I zoomed into New York. There were two markers, one for Brooklyn and one for Manhattan. While the marker for Manhattan wasn’t exactly on my location, it was close enough to wonder if they are showing proximities of every individual. My theory could be completely false by the afternoon when no more dots pop up on the map for New York, but that capability is already here. So while I’m personally not that concerned if it showed my exact location – actually I’d be curious to see how many people nearby like the Doves too (or more telling how few), there’s going to be more of this geo mapping location stuff. While the map doesn’t show demographics (though that could easily have been part of the data field set), it’s pretty powerful to see where your early adopter fans are. You could also measure it by time too. Depending on how you send the info out you could see what areas become more interested. Lots of potential to see data live.

And while I’m no muzak critic, and the Doves could throw out anything and I’d probably like it – their new track is pretty good. So I’d recommend going there and downloading it…

UPDATE: 9:40 PM | JAN 28. 2009
Looks like that page has either been taken down or hidden deep inside their current site. Interesting that the experiment lasted less than a day after they sent out the email blast…

UPDATE: 7:34 PM | JAN 31. 2009
Not sure why but I checked back on the site and it’s back to normal with their google map api. Too bad they only show the last 200 api calls…

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  • C.R. Coffeng

    Love the track! Very interesting experiment indeed. I love to read your blog, keep up the good work!

    ps. thnx for adding me as a contact on flickr!

  • Chet

    Poor old Edmonton, I downloaded the track and we didn't get the white dot signifying the hipster street cred our city deserves.

    As far as the music goes, thanks for reminding me of the Doves. The track was just ok but my itunes went right into The Last Broadcast. Nice afternoon soundtrack.