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Uniforms sans nombres | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Uniforms sans nombres

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What does it mean when u r in a relationship with some1 who looks exactly like u

 On the Street....Via Savona, Milano_1233229691387

 @michaelSurtees is it vani ..._1233229716575

A couple weeks ago I came across a quick post from Ana Andjelic wondering about people who dress alike. The link from her post was a gold mine of others dressed the same way. The same day I came across Hipster Runoff asking something similar with his post What does it mean when u r in a relationship with some1 who looks exactly like u? I meant to blog about the coincidence last week but time was slammed. Then last night I came across this from the Sartorialist and thought I should throw those observations on twitter. Why – b/c that’s what you do these days…

I really wasn’t going to pursue any other energy after once that tweet went up, but Faris via twitter asked me “is it vanity driven attraction i wonder? or like finding like”? First I’d be curious to hear what anyone out there thinks about that. My quick response was that “I blame it on vanity based fear and lack of expanding on what they already know”… After having a couple hours of sleep I still feel that way. But with that said I’m pretty much guilty as anyone else following a certain look dependent on what I do. I’ve got a healthy amount of nice black clothes that could possibly tip me off as a designer. Dressing like your friends isn’t a new idea or even a groundbreaking observation, but what piqued my interest was that most of the above images of people look exactly the same. Like a team uniform with out the numbers.

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  • Ana Andjelic

    hey, this is great! i think it's about mirror neurons :) imitation is a well-known form of social behavior, and honestly, critical for social coordination and community (there's no community if we don't have something in common – right?). awesome post.

  • julp

    i thought that hipsterrunoff post was hilarious, it's great to see it built upon. it always freaks me out to see people dressed the same. i don't even like it when people do it to their twin babies. good post!

  • Paulo

    I agree with you – people are comfortable with what they see and know. What I see a lot is parents having (forcing) their poor kids to dress alike, even though they aren't twins.

    Here is a flickr link that shows more people who dress alike

  • michaelsurtees

    thanks for your insight as always but i hope you're not just saying it's an awesome post b/c you instigated the whole post for me ( :

    what's interesting about this that i sort of got the feeling that they were trying to break out of the social norms yet by imitation just follow into a different or “alt” category…

  • michaelsurtees

    that flickr link is gold – thanks for sharing that

  • michaelsurtees

    i didn't even think about the twin angle, something else to consider for sure

  • James

    Ha, great post – I've always puzzled over this phenomenon, too. Whenever I see people dressed exactly alike, I try to imagine the logistics of getting dressed in the morning. It must take ages.

    Or maybe they're so in sync that when one says “Let's wear our blue hats and green shirts today!”, the other is psyched to do it. Nonetheless, I think it reflects an eerie power dynamic. One of the pair is calling the shots.

  • designer

    true that