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February iPhone Apps

January iPhone home screen

As a way of keeping track of how my iPhone app usage is evolving I thought I would take a screen shot of my iPhone’s first screen once a month. A few days after taking the first image I came across someone else (can’t remember who or where) that had taken their entire interface which seemed like a much better idea – so I iterated and grabbed everything for the second month. I’m kind of curious to see how my habits change or stay the same and what stays while other apps dissapear.

As I posted my second shot I received an interesting comment from Frank Lantz in flickr nonchalantly asking “what, no Drop7?”. I was thinking no, why would I have an app that I’ve never heard of before. He just happened to have a screen shot of that exact game on his site so I figured hmm, if someone from Area/Code has a game on their flickr site there must be something to it. I like what Area/Code does (a lot) so I figured I’d check the game in the app store to see what it’s about. $0.99 later I had a new game on my iPhone that I was chilling to. It’s like tetris but w/ numbers. If you can match a row with the number inside the disc, the row disappears. That can be either horizontal or vertical. The game also suggests it’s tetris meets sudoku, but having never played sudoku I’ll have to let those experts decide that. Either way – you should buy the game, it’s only $0.99 after all. You don’t have much to loose except the time playing it.

I’m still in normal mode – I’ve only played it five or so times. But some cool features that make it quite enjoyable is after killing a row you get some nice chimes, and as multiple rows get triggered for destruction the phone vibrates. It’s the little things after all that combine to make a superb experience. I guess it should also be noted that I may never had found that game if a comment hadn’t been made on flickr…

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