Latest Daylife Select Release

Very early this morning Daylife (where I work as the Design Director) released its latest version of Daylife Select at As iterations go, I’m very happy with the additions that we all made. The home page, navigation bar, quote detail page all received extra attention and serve’s a lot more functionality. I was also able to start looking at product icons – hopefully some of the high level nav topics will be next on that agenda… As per usual there’s some significant backend improvement too, but that’s for the engineers and developers to explain.

Daylife Timeline

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My personal fav. new addition is the timeline. For any chosen topic you can view how many articles were published. It’s very telling to see when things spike, plus it also allows someone to go back in time very quickly to see the archives which is really important when data is flowing at the speed of light. This page will def. evolve over time depending on what needs arise, but for the time being I really like how people can get an equal sense of info flow for a day, and then move quickly to the next or previous day. If you used a page like this to show a lot of stories or blog posts what would be important to you?

Hopefully not too many of you will mind seeing two posts in a row about Daylife, but it is where I work and I don’t talk that much about it. I also at time’s hope people don’t think I’m limited to the design of DesignNotes. Daylife get’s the innovative design ideas for the moment. But more importantly I would encourage you to dive into the site and let me know what’s working and what seems weird. As with any release there are some bugs and tickets have already been made, but I’m sure there’s stuff we’ve overlooked.

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  • Ryan

    Hey Michael, love the timeline feature. Reminds me a lot of the trends feature we (evri) launched back in Dec. 😉