Thinking about twitter feeding facebook status

Twitter feeding Facaebook Status

twtitter as status

Facebook status

After reading a quick post from A VC titled Status (continued) it got me to thinking about some of the things I didn’t really consider for myself when I started sending my twitter action to my facebook status. What I wasn’t expecting which happens from time to time, is that a conversation starts from the people that are connected to me via facebook. Most of the time those people are on twitter to, but that conversation probably would never have happened on twitter.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think that the conversation is semi private makes things a lot more relaxed. If that conversation was available to anyone to read I wonder how those responses would change or happen at all. This isn’t a mind blowing discovery but it’s interesting to note how people interact via different online applications that have different levels of protection.

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  • Johanna

    I agree! The behavioral inclinations of writing something change (in my opinion) based on the medium. I thought about that a little when I did my analogue Twitter project…

  • Jeremy

    The biggest part for me in sending Twitter updates to Facebook has been all my non-Twitter friends chiming in on Facebook. The semi-private nature is nice as well.

  • michaelsurtees

    did you blog about that, i can't remember. if you did could you send us the url? if not, maybe it should be a blog post ( :

  • Johanna
  • Kevin O'Neill

    I hadn't considered privacy issues, but I have a real dislike of duplication of content. I *follow* people on Twitter, so I expect to see something interesting, i.e. not something they've already said on Facebook. And I consider Twitter a totally separate platform to Facebook (otherwise I wouldn't be using it). I use it for a different style of update, different type of self-branding or whatever. On Facebook, my status updates are more likely to be things that I want other people to see, on Twitter often they're more for my own documentation. Just a ramble!