Remembering on a wall


Recently I started extending my morning walks w/ Maddie going up to 42nd street and looping down to 23rd before heading back home. Typically I’m on Park (sidewalks are a bit bigger and cleaner) and once I hit 23rd take Madison Ave back up north. One thing I noticed near Madison Square Park on one of the giant financial buildings was an incased memorial. For a while I’d walk by it quite quickly thinking maybe it was a map. It wasn’t until I stopped by it yesterday to take a photo that I noticed it was a memorial to remember what had happened in Auschwitz. Knowing what is behind that map will change the significance for me now. Previously I had just thought that was an interesting idea to put a map on a wall, now that I know what’s behind the map it’s a bit more serious.

I haven’t come across anything like having a skilled sculpturer create a map in stone. Aside from a memorial I’m wonder if people in the past have had those type of things commissioned as a functioning plan on large estates before there was vinyl printing? The last time I visited Versailles was in high school but I’d imagine a large map from stone would fit in. Have you come across anything like that in the past is there a proper name for those type of maps? Just curious…

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  • Mark Turuk

    Back then Mike, they were called Equerries or servants.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  • Piers Fawkes

    I had never realized what the plan was of. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll take a closer look next time I walk Cy in the park