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DesignNotes is 4 Today | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

DesignNotes is 4 Today

DesignNotes is 4 Today

While not a huge milestone in the big scheme of things, this year I actually remembered that DesignNotes started four years ago. I’m imagining that it was a cold morning in Edmonton when I signed up to blogger and started collecting links. I was always that type of guy to pass on links to others via email. After a while I figured it would be better to just consolidate those links into one place, and if someone wanted to check them out, they could on their own time. Back in the day I was also quite involved with the GDC (the Society for Graphic Designers of Canada) in a number of different board roles, so the blog allowed me to get out info pretty quickly to members without any hassle. Serendipitiously I also started doing interviews with other designers that I wanted to learn from. It’s been a constant evolution in both content and design. There are very few weeks when I haven’t tweaked something.

There’s a couple reasons why I still publish almost every morning – first reason is that I literally can’t stop. There’s enough interesting things to mention in a morning that why wouldn’t a person want to publish? I don’t know how true this next statement is, but I think I’ve learned as much from blogging as I did when I was in school. Between the writing and building on ideas, understanding how posts form the greater body of content and scale, understanding analytics to opening it up for people throw ideas into the discussion. There’s also he unintended consequences of a post. They trigger other ideas, experiments or discussion. For that reason alone I don’t understand why anyone would not want to blog from time to time. Any person that’s in the communication business and doesn’t blog – you have to wonder why? If your hands aren’t dirty in how people are communicating how can you make it better? If you get one thing from this navel gassing post, it’s that if you haven’t started a blog maybe you should. There’s a 50% chance that it’s not the thing for you, but if it does become a new learning device who knows where it will take you in a couple years.

In terms of growth I’ve just about had more people visit every month in comparisson to the previous month. That makes me happy, it feels like progress. I don’t make any money from advertising b/c I don’t advertise on the blog so the page click isn’t as important. What is important is the quality of people that visit and leave a comment, get in touch via email or put my site on their blogroll. That makes me happier than the growth b/c it lets me know that I have to stay on my toes – b/c you people are smart. Thanks again for visiting over the years or the past few days – it’s much appreciated. Any suggestions on things you’d like to see?

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  • http://www.frontstudio.com Yen

    Congratulations! 4 years is no insignificant milestone. 🙂

  • Richard Stewart

    Happy Birthday designnotes and congrats Michael!
    Still a great read for me – Keep up the good work!


  • zoltok

    Since you asked I do have one small pet peeve: the b/c. I suggest you just use “because”. In my opinion, using such an abbreviation gives the impression that you are a flippant or careless writer, which you are obviously not.

    Otherwise, keep blogging, and happy fourth blogiversary!

  • http://www.leftbrainwritebrain.com/ Jamie P.

    Congratss and thanks for all the work that you put in this site.

  • http://athertonbartelby.wordpress.com abartelby

    A very happy blogiversary to DesignNotes and to you, Michael. Your blog is a constant source of information, inspiration, and creative meditation, so many, many happy returns and years to come!

    Atherton Bartelby

  • http://www.designworkplan.com Sander

    Your blog is great! I really enjoy the links and information you collect. I am liking the lower amount of items at linkdrop posts, much easier to manage. I'd say keep it up!

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    thanks y'all – i can't really imagine where i'd be if i couldn't self publish. and yes i'll try to stop using the “b/c”, maybe even the word “because” too.

  • http://bunnehmunches.blogspot.com Zana

    Happy 4th birthday DesignNotes! I remember putting your blog in my daily read upon stumbling it from swissmiss, and I must say what a whole load of inspiration your blog has given me.

    And I am with you on the ads on blogs, somehow at the moment I find it unnecessary to put any on mine anyway. I'm happy with the comments, emails and link suggestions forwarded to me.