A conversation with Marc Andreessen on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose - A conversation with entrepreneur and software engineer Marc Andreessen_1235390297833

Even if you’re not a tech head or someone that cares about the silicon valley, the conversation with Marc Andreessen is worth the listen. I’ve listened to this interview four times which is kind of crazy considering the thing is a hour long (and I’ll probably listen to it a couple more times). There’s a lot of different points covered in the talk and I took away a lot of things to consider. The comments on the Charlie Rose page are also worth taking a look at too.

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  • http://loquat73.blogspot.com/ Paulo Pereira

    This is definitely a interesting discussion. I have to listen to it again because I know I missed something. Marc Andreessen talks very fast and if you loose focus for a second he's already onto another topic. Good catch.


  • http://www.kreathaus.com jonathan Bowden

    This was great to watch, and really inspiring. thanks for the link!