Supreme: why can’t you plaster posters on your own store?


It pains me slightly to do this post but if you’re going to vandalize a bunch of property in SoHo you might want to be an equal opportunist. A couple mornings ago I enjoyed the site of seeing Lou Reed’s face on a poster wearing a Supreme shirt. Last year around this time it was kermit everywhere. I actually thought what they were doing was pretty brilliant at the time. Plaster your image everywhere as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Not sure if that was the actual case or not, not sure if they actually went on other store’s property or not – but what I find completely hypocritical this time around is that their store front is underconstruction right now. It’s all boarded up, the perfect canvas to put up some posters – hey maybe why not their own? When I walked home last night there was still nothing there. I’m probably insane for complaining about this but if a company feels the need to enhance the environment visually, maybe start with what’s in front of you first. and Barbara Krueger is wondering when she can get back futura + reversed in white back…

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