Our New Architecture Tradition


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Last weekend Madison and I decided to extend our weekend walking loop. Usually we’ll do a lap between 42nd st and 14th st on Park ave. I like heading north to see Grand Central Station and back down to see what’s going on around Union Square. We weren’t really tired by the time we had reached our south destination so we kept on walking. By the time we had reached the Cooper Union things started popping up together that I hadn’t really paid attention to. While it’s hard to ignore Cooper Square Hotel (yes I like the design of the outside of it, never been inside it), seeing it beside the new building for the Cooper Union and in viewing distance of the New Museum I realized that I had just stumbled upon a new walking architecture tradition for Madison and I. So this weekend we did the same walk and I decided to take a couple photos.

The Bowery has a long, long tradition that I won’t bother trying to repeat here because I wasn’t here when things were crazy. There will always be people that don’t like progress and wish that things would stay the same. I’m not one of those people. I like seeing things grow and seeing the combination of new and old buildings side by side early on a weekend morning is kind of nice. The time capture is a bit unique and won’t last forever. More buildings will be torn down, new ones will go up and not all of them will be that great. But for the time being it’s an interesting period to see how things balance.

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  • http://dreamdogsart.typepad.com/art/ Moira

    Great post and great new tradition. I am with you. I like looking at a city like an organism that's constantly evolving. Although in L.A. it can sometimes happen too quickly for my taste. Very little regard for anything with history.

  • http://vectroave.com/ dario

    the New musuem by Sanaa is one of my favorite buildings