Puma vs. Adidas; or art and marketing speak

If you’ve got four minutes I’d watch the two videos above to compare. One is a pretty good idea while the other smacks of an event that I suspect only marketing people would go to and probably think of as a cultural significant moment in their lives. What I really like about the Puma video that’s short enough to watch is they’ve turned a room into something pretty cool with some simple video techniques in a manner that I think a lot of other people could build of off. Adidas on the other hand presents a long video that shows a kind of dumb idea at best. Connecting painting to a white room and being able to express yourself in their padded environment seems a bit unreal.

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  • http://loquat73.blogspot.com/ Paulo Pereira

    I see your point Michael, another problem with the adidas spot is the long explanation that is so drawn out of how cool adidas was to let them do this, “crazy ” stunt.

  • http://looceefir.tumblr.com Kevin

    Great analysis.