FruityBowl designed by Terence Cook, manufactured by Joy De Vivre Inc.

I remember seeing the above design many years ago while I was still in school at the University of Alberta working towards a Bachelor of Design. Terence Cooke who was on the Industrial Design side of the program when he started prototyping the bowl. I remember there being such a great tactile experience to the thing, it’s was really cool brushing my hands through it. It’s about to be manufactured *I think*.

On the site where you can buy it at there’s an interesting clause.

While this pictures look great, Fruity has not been manufactured yet. In order to bring Fruity to life, we need you to help fund it.

The funding period for Fruity will last only 16 weeks beginning from its first sale. Within this time period, Fruity needs to sell a minimum of 1500 units to be manufactured.

After this funding phase, Fruity may not be available again for purchase.

If Fruity is not fully funded within the 16 week period, your purchase is refunded within 4 days.

I’m not familiar with that type of just in time production—good idea? Not sure. So… Hopefully people will be able to get their hands on this thing sooner or later.

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  • Neil Martin

    I'd say that kind of business model is actually a great idea. What better way to secure your funding than your customers to virtually (as opposed to physically) buy it? Not only does it guarantee the production costs, but gives the user confidence in buying something, albeit it 'pre ordering' it.

    I suppose it's a case of who your customer is. If your customer is the “I want this now” type, then you'll probably lose out. But if your customer is more of a “I want this because it's unique”, then I suspect that the audience is larger. Wanting it now and wanting it because it's special are two different audiences because where the former will move onto something else if they can't buy it now, the latter will see the value in it being unique and because of this perceived value, will be willing to wait longer and this would justify the 16 week funding period.

    Great idea and I hope it succeeds.

  • Joel

    Thanks Michael and Neil…

    We hope it works out as well. For too long manufacturing has been over costly, risky, and time consuming. We are hoping that Joy de Vivre will allow more designers to get thier stuff made without us or them risking a lot of money on whether it will be successful or not.

    Joel Yatscoff