Pecha Kucha NY #6

pkny 6

Last night I headed over to Le Poisson Rouge to see Pecha Kucha NY #6. This was my third PKNY event that I’ve been to and it was by far the best of the three. The thing with all these events is the venue is always in a different location and is more akin to a gig then a ppt presentation. The people on stage are performing as opposed to just presenting. Below are a couple initial reactions to each that were front and center.

I should also note that the opening group from the Sam Barsh Band was pretty good too.

Daniel Perlin Listens Closely
As he was sound artist I kind of had hoped that to hear some of his pieces, but what he left me with was an interest in checking out his website to actually hear some of his things.

Eric Sanderson Maps Mannahatta
This was my favourite performance by far. I’ve been getting more and more skeptical of the data/info craze though by seeing his work and questions I have a better bar to judge from. What he’s doing with data and projecting it on Manhattan and surrounding area is quite amazing. I would be very interested to hear him give a longer talk between 45 minutes to 3 hours at some point.

Allegra Burnette Redesigns
I thought this talk started off a bit slow—it did seem like a ppt presentation. But by the end I was quite taken back by the depth of the new site. I think she could have focused less time of the nav and more on some of the social aspects of the site, especially the flickr stuff as it’s quite unique that they have opened up their space for public photos.

Tina Roth Eisenberg Blogs to Inspire
What can I say, she’s a friend so anything I say about how good it was will be somewhat biased. However as a more condensed version of her AIGA NY talk I saw a month ago she seems a natural on stage as her first talk.

Jonathan Harris Goes Whale Hunting
I’ve seen Jonathan talk a couple times now and I’m always impressed that each talk has been unique. I also thought that people should take note of the fact that he never talked about the online work that went with the Whale Hunting project that he did for this even. His ability to describe the same thing in a couple different ways is something we should all try to be able to do.

Dr. Jay Parkinson Fixes Healthcare
While I think his idea is a bit controversial, I think it’s completely brilliant. I also think people tend to slough off online stuff like that as easy which is anything but.


Dickson Despommier Farms Vertically
I thought it was interesting to see all the different ideas for farming but was left wondering if he should have talked about energy consumption that would be needed for some of these projects.

Glen Cummings On NYHC-X
Speaking as a graphic designer his presentation was in my top three for things I learned. I really enjoyed seeing the breakdown and historical context for the X mark in NY. Will be on the lookout to see him speak again at greater length in the not so distant future I hope.

Eviana Hartman Takes Apart Her Clothes
I’d say her talk is still a work in progress. Curious to see how her business evolves over the next year.

Dan Fogelson Sells 122lbs. of Aluminum
This one started off a bit slow but captured people’s attention pretty quickly when he started talking about Philip Starck’s Hudson Chair. What was pretty crazy was seeing the collaboration between him and his team with the sketches that Frank Gehry provided for the designs of a couple chairs and benches.

Deborah Fisher Sows Seed Bombs
This might surprise people that were there last night, but this was the other talk that I’d include in my top three. While it wasn’t great that she read from sheets, I really admired what she was trying to do and some of her metrics for success were quite smart. I’m looking forward to seeing the results this summer.

Paul D. Miller Samples Ice
It was interesting to see him combine a couple different arts for exploration between music and graphic design. Again sound would have helped this performance, guess I’ll have to check out his results on his site…

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  • swissmiss

    Thank you for the thumbs up and the wonderful summary, Michael.

  • Azzoutanna

    Did anybody catch how Dr. Jay Parkinson searched for sick on twitter? Were they all his followers?

  • michaelsurtees

    that's a great point/question that i forgot about mentioning…