D&AD Members’ Survey: impact of the recession on creative business

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I came across a timely survey from the D&AD Blog titled D&AD Members’ Survey: impact of the recession on creative business. The pdf that displays the info from the blog post looks like it was spit out of a ppt so I took the more interesting pieces of info re-displayed it. While the majority of membership of the D&AD is from the UK, I still think it’s quite valuable where ever your located. More interesting is that over 70% need to refocus attention, yet the number one way of doing it is with the same modus operandi of cost effectiveness, process and creative solutions that has been talked about for as long as the design industry decided it wanted to be more business than art. Something has got to give, creatives want to refocus yet haven’t learned to change their language or understanding of the current dynamics of diy.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/turuk Mark Turuk

    I read that last point a bit differently from the analysis; a cost effective solution that allows the creative / designer to extend their ability to deliver content to their clients.

    In other words, a cost-effective infrastructure play that cuts down on the grind-stuff… overhead, admin, drudgery… and boosts either productivity and/or allows creative to leverage what they can deliver. Allows the creative / designer to differentiate themselves based on metrics the clients care about; i.e., getting more with less, or at least more with the same.

    Re: Business vs. Art… well, you need to pay the bills, especially in tough times. Art is what you do for other designers; business is what you do for your clients… and _their_ customers. 😉

    Interesting times.

  • http://daniel.schutzsmith.com/ Daniel Schutzsmith

    god damn that is the prettiest piece of sadness I've seen in a while! pretty because you've done such a good job at making it an info design piece that engages the eye and is easy to undestand. sad because designers still think they don't need to rethink the nature of their business.