the Locksmith’s Business Card

The Locksmith business card

As I continue this week questioning some of those core beliefs that designers hold dearly, today I thought I’d ask why we tend to ignore some of the best in common design. If you’ve ever left your keys in your apartment and don’t have the luxury of front door service, or know someone close enough in your apartment complex to share keys with, what are you going to do? You’re going to call a locksmith. My argument isn’t is as strong now that most people can search the web on their cell (i)phone for a locksmith. (Though is search really that great of an experience on a cell as it currently stands now that I think about it) As weird as it seems, all a person has to do is walk a block or two in any direction and they’re likely to stumble across a business card stuck in someone’s door for a locksmith. It’s one of those unwritten laws of communication that must work because I see the cards everywhere. All a person has to do is keep their eyes open—you’ll see them. Plus when do you ever see anyone just sitting around outside because they lost their keys? As a service that people need at random times, are there any other services that provide really great random placement like the locksmith’s business card? And why isn’t the locksmith’s business card considered great design? It’s never going to be found in a design annual and those things mean something right?

On a side note, I found this tweet interesting after I mentioned the word “locksmith”. Maybe I found my answer after all…

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  • Print Matt

    Locksmith doesn’t need a flash business card, although I think its time for them to upgrade their business cards from the regular print and paper.

  • Locksmith Services.

    Hey Michael,
    This was really an interesting fact, that people have really forgotten the meaning of simple,clear, and basic. It so easy to covey you thought across easily but people tend to complicate things as in the case of locksmith business card by trying to find services in a much comlicated way when a simple business card could make a way through. Would be great if you could have some link on some good design for locksmith business card to make way to your attention.

  • michaelsurtees

    To be honest I think the best design locksmith card's are those that you find when you're in need of a locksmith, but you did just give me a great idea…