The disturbing trend of fire, leather and a bit of skin in design


A couple weeks ago when I started to notice posters for the Cougar, I tried to ignore them. If I didn’t look in that direction they didn’t exist I told myself. Well I think there’s a bigger trend abound which kind of scares me. This morning walking Madison I noticed the male version of the cougar poster, but this time instead of a ring of fire, there’s a flaming sword for the show Krod Mandoon. Is this only the beginning of fire, leather and skin combined? I hope not, but other people are noticing something similar—this time in LA. Thomas Sherman has a pretty good post about 1970s Airbrush Art & Contemporary Graphic Design. All I can say is that design is headed for big trouble ( :

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  • Mark Dodge Medlin

    For what it's worth, Kr(o-with-umlauts)d M(a-with-umlauts)ndoon is a sendup of all the awful swords-and-sorcery TV that assails innocents who flip to the SciFi network at the wrong time. More here:… … So if the poster is part of an unfortunate design trend, it's probably on purpose.

    (It took me a few seconds to notice the tagline: “The Flaming Sword of Fire.” That's funny.)