The engineering feat of the shotcake

shotglass cupcake 01 for yuri's night

shotglass cupcake 02 for yuri's night

Over at Daylife HQ on Friday night there was a small gathering to celebrate Yuri’s Night, the World Party. Being more attuned to design stuff, Yuri’s Night 2009 was a new concept to me. It’s an interesting idea and who can argue with a party that can last 207 days? Aside from learning about the idea of celebrating space exploration—a co–worker made quite possibly the best cupcake ever. Not sure what to call it, it’s either the shotglass cupcake or shotcake, it was quite an amazing feat of engineering design if I do say so myself.

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  • Kp

    This looks crazy. Cool though.

  • GSlice

    I like!