Notes from Justin Ouellette of Muxtape Talk

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Justin Oullette of Muxtape

Below are my incomplete notes that I found myself typing away on my iPhone last night as I listened to Justin Ouellette of Muxtape talk at the Apple SoHo store for the AIGA NY DesignerRemixed series. I’ll try adding more context to some of the bullet points through the day as thoughts come back…

· lists and music go pretty well together
· playlists give context, much more interesting then an algorithm
· what’s better than a computer recommendation? A human recommendation
· exposure and threads are shown via those human playlists
· limits allow for quality
· contrast of different music types, not in a vacumn
· less is often more
· myspace music player is scary, interesting he noted that he was “confronted” with advertising
· played the below video…

The Top (Music Video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

· design principles and respect
· all those charts and info vs a simple question of what you’re trying to get, showed example of is Obama up?
· reverse of simplicity is more maximal. Showed the Sistine Chapel.
· getting people to listen to it is the first step to get attention to make money
· people being concerned about miss out on next big thing…

Edrea Lita has a couple better pics of the talk on her flickr stream.

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