Daylife Beta Topic Page: Kate Moss

Kate Moss - News, photos, topics, and quotes

Newsmap and Topic Connections

A couple weeks ago Daylife made some significant design and backend releases that I was quite happy to be involved with. (In reality everyone at Daylife played a significant role getting this out) I didn’t want to mention it too much until today because we just released our new Topic Beta Page. Above is what Kate Moss looks like as a topic. There are a lot of enhancements as we continue with an Agile Design process. The two things that I want to point out are the Newsmap and Topic Connections. These modules allows us to create a lot of context that we weren’t really able to show before. There’s a more detailed breakdown of the entire page at

Please poke around the beta stuff and the regular topic pages and let me know what works, seems weird or things you wished the page could do.

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  • Callie

    We are using Agile for the redesign. Fun, fun. !! We're in Cycle Three right now….

  • Harry

    Are Daylife topic pages automatically assembled ? Or is there input from editors?

  • michaelsurtees

    Good question—that topic page is generated automatically via a lot of different algorithms. However if a publisher is using Daylife as a service (sorry if I sound like a sales guy), there's a lot of different controls to make the content unique. There's content striking and topic/content filters that allow for a ton of customization.