Book Spine Patterns


On Monday night I spent a couple brief moments in Tokyo Bar. On the wall there was a ton of books that had their spines exposed. From the image I took a viewer can see a lot of bright colours. On a closer inspection they were all written in Japanese which made a different type of pattern to those like myself that have no idea how to read that language. What those books reminded me of was the patterns that made up the spines of Wired magazine, and in a strange twist National Geographic as a repetitive yellow element.

From a slightly serendipitous connection, Paul Soulellis asked me on flickr if I took the photo at Kinokuniya. Up until the moment I had no idea that those books existed, but by throwing that photo up I got some info that I could never had predicted. The photo of course wasn’t from that bookstore but I’m probably going to check it out on the weekend. It couldn’t hurt.

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  • Chris

    Nice photo!
    When I was in college I had a similar visual experience while work in the art and design section of the university library. After shelving for a few weeks I began to notice very subtle shifts in the local color in the stacks depending upon which section you were looking in. The two most distinct shifts came in the landscape design section which was of course predominately green and then in typography where most of the spines were neutrals or black. This makes me wish I had documented it.