CreativeMornings with Michael Surtees of DesignNotes (Friday May 8th, 2009)

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I’m excited to announce that next Friday (May 8th, 2009) I’ll be presenting at CreativeMornings. I’ll be talking about a design process that’s known in software development but is starting to emerge in a lot of other areas of design called agile design. It’s a process that we at Daylife try to work in, and something that is constantly on my mind as I update DesignNotes. As a concept it’s still new and there isn’t just one way of doing it—personally I see it more as a philosophy then a step process of different stages. Coming from a design and agency background, and then jumping into a start up, I don’t know if I could not at least try to bring some of agile back into those other design worlds if I moved back there. The question that I wonder that I’m hoping can be discussed during the conversation is it possible for something to be only designed 51% of the way, give it life in the outside world, observe how people are reacting to the design, and iterate the hell out of it as time moves forward. Typically a project goes live, people forget about it and move on. The way communication works these days I don’t think that’s a smart way to adjusting to too many unknowns. The other catch with agile design is it sometimes feels like you’re designing in a slightly uncomfortable state—what you’re putting out on first attempt isn’t perfect which in itself is a hard concept for designer’s to consider.

So if you’re in NYC next Friday and find that topic interesting please r.s.v.p. via email soon as they tend to sell out. It starts at 8:30 and will be held at 444 Broadway. And if there’s anything that you think I should cover about agile, or even about DesignNotes, please let me know before the talk.

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  • Johanna

    Sounds awesome, I'll be there! I RSVP'd yesterday.

  • michaelsurtees

    très cool Johanna, that's great to hear

  • David Airey

    All the very best with it, Michael. I'm sure you'll give an excellent talk.