AIGA NY: Stories from the Front

AIGA NY. Stories from the Front

Last night I headed off the island to see AIGA NY’s Stories From The Front: My Dog and Pony. The event was billed as as a showcase of five designer’s presenting their work as though the audience was being pitched the project. What was great about such a design event was that everyone got to learn a bit more about how an assortment of creatives tackle a project, some of their process, their presentation style and personal schtick. I’ve never been to such a design event and if there were others I def. would want to attend. The venue on paper probably seemed like a good idea, but as it got packed there wasn’t much wiggle room for everyone. If a viewer wasn’t sitting at a table it was a bit painful. But as a concept I found this type of design event to be much more realistic when compared to how I’ve read about designer’s and their process for presentation. On paper it’s easy to say what you want, but when you’re in front of a live audience of peers, the action of their presentation speaks volumes which I appreciated them for sharing.

The Line UP:
Michael Gericke of Pentagram: Arizona Cardinals Stadium
· I thought how he broke up the colour elements of the Cardnals logo into a percentages was a smart way to decide how much of each colour should be used.

Karin Fong of Imaginary Forces: The Pink Panther 2
· She showed how to deal with a client interjecting on the spot and incorporating “feedback” on the fly.

James Spindler of Radical Media: 19 20 21
· While I probably wouldn’t recommend a lot of young designers trying what James did, he showed how ignoring a bad logo was a really good idea. By the end of his talk there was no way the client was going to go back to the old one. Design work wise, this was my fav.

Jill Nussbaum of R/GA: Nike: The Human Race
· Very steady presentation, curious to see how she would have dealt with a question and answer period.

Drew Hodges of SpotCo: West Side Story
·Interesting board room strategy where all the work is covered backwards by magnets. By the end of it he described how magnets are always flying around which was an interesting visualization.

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  • JS

    Anyone know whether this even was filmed?
    Would LOVE to have been there but couldn't go.