& 100 shirts






Last week as I was going through the blogs I came across a post from Nooka talking about a couple people that had visited the studio recently. One of the guys was Jeff Sheldon who happens to design shirts. Matthew had shown a shirt a couple weeks previous to that with a huge & on it. I can’t remember if if Matthew at the time had mentioned where he got the shirt from, but when he did pass on the shirt info I was like hmm, that looks like something I’d want. So above is the image of my big blue & shirt that came in the mail today. As far as graphic T’s go I thought it was something type people would appreciate. And since I was in a giving mood to myself I also ordered Bradbury Thompson inspired One Hundred. When I was looking at the shirts in detail I thought it was cool to see an availability scale. Though I wonder who benefits more from this info—the seller or buyer?

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