Help– My Top Five Albums of 2009 are Way Too Mellow


I’m a bit concerned at this point in the year with music. Below are my top five albums so far. They’re all decent but they are all extremely mellow. Have I missed anything obvious that I should check out—am I just getting old or is this just another example of the economy taking down an industry? I really wanted to like the new Doom album but the production quality was so bad I can barely listen to the pitch of it…

Any help with suggestions would be appreciated.

01. Great Lake Swimmers
Lost Channels

02. Andrew Bird
Noble Beast

03. Papercuts
You Can Have What You Want

04. Bob Dylan
Together Through Life

05. Doves
Kingdom of Rust

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  • Anon

    YES, you missed the following:
    Wave Machines' “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made”
    Passion Pits' “Manners”
    Manic Street Preachers' “Journal For Plague Lovers”

    AND check out some upcoming acts:
    Major Lazer:

  • neal s

    It's still very mellow on the whole, but I can't say enough about “Hogtied Revisited” by The White Buffalo. Amazing stuff. You can get a taste of it at his MySpace page:

    And there is one song – “The Madman” – that breaks up the mellowness.

  • Greg J. Smith

    I like the new Doom album. That said, my pick of the year is definitely the new Prefuse 73.. a bit too bumpin' to be easy listening.

  • butter team

    I'd recommend the new Phoenix, Weird Tapes, or this Brooklyn DJ Mux Mool (almost like a chilled out, less glitchy Prefuse 73) – and they're not new, but Tough Alliance and Air France are two absolute musts for the summer. or you can just go back to the Zombies.

    not to plug my site, but I did recently post on all of these so you can find more there.

  • SrLansky

    You're missing Animal Collective, Phoenix and Bat For Lashes.

  • Greg Jones

    I quite like the Doom album too, but Micachu's “Jewellery” is my current favourite for this year. Or Metric's “Fantasies”. So hard to choose.

    (And the Manics/Passion Pit albums aren't out just yet…so you didn't miss them.)