Hanging out at the media preview of 400 Years Later, CITE Goes Dutch. Stuff around ICFF

Alissia Melka-Teichroew presenting 400 Years Later, CITE Goes Dutch

Gun Bags: Mirjam van der Lubbe

Knitted Vase: Ilona Huvenaars & Willem Derks

Formmatic: Susan Verheijen

Alissia Melka–Teichroew for byAMT Studio

Unsustainable: Greetje van Helmond

Unsustainable: Greetje van Helmond

Yoga Chairs: Lucas Maassen

400 Years Later, CITE Goes Dutch (Yoga Chairs: Lucas Maassen)

PIG 05049: Christien Meindertsma


Mirror Mirror: Studio Jan Habraken

A Ring a Day: Alissia Melka–Teichroew for byAMT Studio

Plastic: Alexander Pelikan and Message in a Box: Wendy Plomp

“Louise” Tripod Glasses: Maarten Baptist

If you’re a fan of design it’s really hard not to luv the Dutch. This morning I got to walk around and view a lot of design pieces that until know I’ve only seen as jpgs at 400 Years Later—CITE Goes Dutch. As much as online is the future it will be impossible to replicate the experience of seeing objects in person. To me it was nice to finally see some of this stuff in person, though for a media preview I’m not sure why they had to in case anything. Aside from that hmm there were a couple stand out’s for me that I was wanting to buy on the spot. The first was a natural glass blown water filter called Primal Water desinged by Anouk Omlo. It was the first thing that curator Alissia Melka-Teichroew talked about. It was a smart start as the sound of the water descending through the talk echoed the parallel to the water visuals dripping off the walls and floor it represented.

Other things that made me stop was the Knitted Vase from Ilona Huvenaars & Willem Derks, Yoga Chairs by Lucas Maassen and the book PIG 05049—Christien Meindertsma. I’ve never seen an expandable vase before, I thought the different scales of the chairs was smart (though I’m not sure why there wasn’t a light in this one), and the book was an interesting idea to elevate a pig. That reminded me of what others think about the buffalo.

There’s only so much one can take in during ICFF this week. I’ll probably float around the Javits over the weekend but as a start I’m not going to be so sad if I don’t see every single design show as I got a pretty good blast today.

Opening Reception: Saturday May 16, 6-8p
131 Greene Street, CITE showroom (map)

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