Droog, Moss and Cite last night. Walking around Greene St. during ICFF




Soft Tree Trunk Stool: Alissia Melka-Teichroew & Ilona Huvenaars

Bouncing around Greene St last night in Soho I took in a couple openings that were close in proximity. Droog was by far the best suited for holding an evening event of the three with their large bottom floor available to pack in a lot of people. Up until yesterday I hadn’t actually been inside droog so I took the opportunity to take some pics of stuff that grabbed my attention. One of my fav. things was the Lucky Cat table. Just like a pinball machine you shoot a metal ball. Sounds are made once the glass kittens are hit. I did notice that the ball didn’t randomize as much as one would expect though. Moss’ party was again full and while it seemed like a cool place there was literally no space to walk around nor real opportunity to look at anything. Ya it’s a party but it still would have been nice to have a glass of wine, shoot some pics, have a convo and move on. Last of the three on my list was Cite. I’d already been to a preview that I thought quite highly of already so I wasn’t really expecting much more. Unfortunately I got there about twenty minutes before eight and they had stopped serving drinks which was too bad. But on the bright side I saw a couple other objects that hadn’t arrived the day before.

Walking around taking in the work I def. was asking myself about the object as design or art question. Part of the issue is the scalability of it—simple production methods that could be replicated quite easily versus those one of a kind things that aren’t really easy to produce en masse. What’s better? I think that’s an open question that is replied with “it depends on the context”. So while I don’t have a definitive answer I was happy to see a bunch of stuff that I hope I don’t see in Target anytime soon.

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