Walking around ICFF, this is what I remembered


Instead of just talking about ICFF this year, I thought I should actually go to the Javits Center and see everything for myself. Thanks to my friends at Metropolis Magazine they passed me on a pass. Before I started walking around I made a couple guidelines. I didn’t want to be there for more than an hour, I was only going to walk through the aisles and when I got home I’d check the listings of the sites to see what I actually remembered seeing and liking. Sure that’s kind of a strange process but for me to be objective I really felt that the designs had to stand out for themselves. By going through so much stuff the best natural filter for me would be trying to remember afterwards what I thought was worth talking about. Below are the things that I remembered and thought were worth taking a second look at. Did I miss anything?

A lot of the booths were kind of predictable. Some people had a decent budget while others didn’t. Personally I think an overwhelming budget for a booth is a bit strange to me. Pretty much the only stand out for me was from Kikkerland. I’ve seen can’s used to create stuff before but this was a nice evolution. Great use of an iconic brand, the booth had a lot of life and at the end of the show nothing will be wasted.

Deadgood - Homepage_1242604605282
I’m not familiar with Deadgood, but I was immediately struck by their great use of typography and memorable name. It again stood out for me because they were unique and had some life to what they were showing.

I like things that can scale modularly while not looking just like a box. It seems to me like this thing can grow in all sorts of unimaginable ways.

Another idea with lots of potential. It’s pretty cool to see what a thin piece of glass and light can do.

I thought the shapes and colours were interesting. Another really cool starting point to do some interesting stuff with.

I though Areaware had a great roster of products that I’d want to buy.

Nice to be able to see these in person, didn’t actually get to hear them. I hope they sound as good as they look.

Any time there’s something designed to control fire it’s going to score highly with me. These mini fireplaces are things I’d want in my apt.

It’s kind of surprising that I think this was the only site that actually showed where they’re located. I saw a ton of tweets about how I should visit booth numberwhatever, but I literally had no context for numbers, and I don’t recall seeing any numbers listed anywhere on booths.

This was possibly one of the worst logos I came across for ICFF. However the energy that all the designers brought to their sections of their design booths was cool. I noticed that there were a lot of people hanging out in this area.

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