Globe and Street views of a Los Angeles Area Earthquake










Here’s a couple photos from last night’s earthquake in California. Of course it’s not showing us what’s on the ground currently but it does me for a compelling composite knowing that something happened there and there isn’t much news being reported just yet. I came across this tweet that mentioned Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada. One of more fascinating pieces of data is that they give a kml file that opens in Google Earth. Watching the globe zoom into a street view for the first time was really compelling. Once I had zoomed in and out a couple times to check out what was near by I came across this tweet which gave me the idea to do that myself. So with the co-ordinates this is where I landed. This morning the co-ordinates changed slightly in location, but it’s still in the same vicinity.

There’s a lot of potential to put info hooks down the road once people know what to do. People marking their location as they file personal experiences is a start. That’s almost automatic now with people that have geo capabilities with their camera. The next step is have the descriptive text attached to the file as it’s pushed out to the interweb. Scale becomes an issue though, if every single person pushed out the same kind of info at the same time how would someone be able to edit it? If a person can zoom in/out with a map it probably wouldn’t be that hard to cluster similar news to location so a person needing unique info could find it easier.

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