the Empire State Building and Lego, two of my favourite things

This morning

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this morning

Five thirty'ish, Six, Eight and Nine am

apartment hunting

P.S. 260

The Empire State Building this morning

Sunday Morning: 7.05 am


The Empire State Building is easily my favourite building of all time. I can’t rationalize it—it just is. I reminded of how it is on a daily basis. Just like my NYC sky series where I explored how each day is slightly different, I can never take enough photos of the building just slightly east of me every morning as I wake up. This morning the top image is what greeted me. So as I mention the awesomeness of that building I was overjoyed to find out the Lego has an entire architecture series that includes the Empire State Building. I’m pretty sure what I want for next birthday. If you’re curious to know more about that Lego series you should visit

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  • Michelle

    This is way cool, but Lego Fallingwater is a bit of a hot mess…

  • michaelsurtees

    is that a good thing or not?

  • Graphic Design Orange County

    These are some great shots! Love architecture photography!

  • Kevin

    I too love the Empire State Building, and have thought of getting the LEGO set.  One thing that amazes me about the Empire State Building is that the structure at the top was meant to be a dirigible mooring!  The Hindenberg disaster brought that vision of the future to an abrupt end.