Examining a Dog Poop Bag





Getting ready this morning to take Madison out I noticed that we had some new doggy poop bags. Never the one to miss an opportunity to take a closer look at things through the lens of a design mind, I thought I’d throw them up onto the blog. Before people get angry about the plastic issue they are degradable. I don’t have a car and I walk to work so my carbon footprint is minimal as it is—so cut me some slack on the bags. Anyhow, the claim to fame for the Mutt Mitt is that once you put a hand in the bag it’s a little easier picking up the business. I’ve illustrated that by showing how I would pick up an apple. I also thought it would be fun to show how Madison was making sure she got some of the apple afterwards. What’s nice is that the bag is black where the stuff is hidden. Another great feature is that they’ve made the bags hangable in a closet—how helpful is that? As big as the bags are (I’ve put a pen beside the first image to show scale), I think it would have helped if the bags flared out a bit on the bottom. The natural motion is to try to expand the hand though it’s a bit constrained because of the inside. With that aside it’s a nice improvement on the standard bag or paper I’ve used in the past.

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  • http://jonzedesign.com/ Jonze

    I definitely like the black part! Thats very clever.

    Also, Muji pen, nice choice! I recently wrote a whole post about how much I love Muji.

  • Moira

    Nice post! I linked to it with the photo of Madison on my blog today…


  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    Madison and I both give two paws up to Muji too

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    that's awesome—thanks!