Project Natal from Microsoft and Nikon Fashion 360

Project Natal

I’m surprised that I haven’t come across any mentions of Project Natal anywhere except from blogs of people that work at Microsoft—if the demo actually works in real life it’s quite a build up from the wii.

2009 MTV Movie Awards | Fashion 360

Some of the clips reminded me of the Nikon Fashion 360 at MTV Music Awards which are worth a glance at for all sorts of reasons…

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  • Paulo Pereira

    I heard about Project Natal a while ago but I thought it was just something Microsoft was planning on doing in the future – not something they already have this developed. I am actually impressed! It looks great and if functions that good Sony has alot to worry about.

    Thank you for posting the video it's pretty awesome to see.

  • Paulo Pereira

    I meant to ask, do you know if this Project Natal has a release date?
    Natal means Christmas so I'm guessing for the Christmas season but wondering if they are planning on rolling this out this year? Or am I just being hopeful…