Following the Obama Cairo Speech

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Live-Blogging Obama’s Speech in Cairo - Capital Journal - WSJ_1244124872901

Thinking more about how information is finding me, I thought a great example of info flow in terms of news was to compare how I got info about the Obama Cairo Speech. The first blast came from twitter where I learned from WSJ that they were live blogging the speech.

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VIDEO, Full Text_1244125039806

While that was a good start, I actually wanted to read the entire speech. Right after the speech had been completed I was looking for it online to no avail (now that a couple hours have passed it’s not that hard to find it). While searching I got an alert email from Huffington Post that they had the Obama Egypt Speech: VIDEO, Full Text.

I thought it was just interesting to note how I got some info that I was looking for by semi automated means, not by people I know but by my interests.

Barack Obama - News, photos, topics, and quotes_1244125583379

Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Daylife does a pretty good job of collecting quotes of Obama all the time. So after I’d taken a look at my alerts I viewed all that we had at

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